Shooting Star Photography is a boutique portrait photography studio specialising in bespoke newborn pictures, based in the heart of the Herefordshire countryside, ensuring a calm, tranquil, setting for your baby’s first images.

Newborn Sessions

Newborn baby photo sessions take place during the first two weeks of your baby’s life, ideally when they are between days 6-10 days. Your baby is the smallest and sleepiest they will ever be during this time, and they still have the squishy newborn curl which means we can capture the images you see in my portfolio.

Newborn sessions at the studio are baby led. I only shoot one session a day so that you do not feel rushed and we can take plenty of time to feed and change.

I recommend that you book your newborn session as early as possible, usually around your 20 week scan, but I do take bookings any time after 12 weeks.

Before booking your session, I recommend booking a no-obligation consultation. I prefer this to happen at the studio so you can familiarise yourself with the environment, and discuss your thoughts and wishes for the session.

You may not be sure whether you want family photographs. I always recommend we take them, as even the short time between the session and the viewing & ordering appointment, you will notice how much your baby has grown. It’s a wonderful reminder of how small they are, they will not fit in your arms like this for long! How will you remember?

I think it is fair to say there are plenty of “good” photographers but lyndsey is above and beyond this she is AMAZING! So if you want some photos of your newborn done, do yourself a favour and go to lyndsey. Her work is phenomenal and you won’t be disappointed!!!!! I’m so pleased with mine! Memories that will last a lifetime!


Mum to Myla

If you are not sure what you want to do with your photographs, do not worry, most people aren’t! It’s best to think where you see your images in 5 or even 10 years. Do you want your little one to sit next to you and flick through an album on the weekends, or perhaps you’d prefer a stunning piece for the wall for them to admire as they grow. You don’t need to decide before you book, but it’s worth giving it a thought!

Tuesday – Saturday
10am – 5pm

01432 610838

6 Knockerhill Farm
Callow, Herefordshire

First Floor, The Mews
King Street, Hereford

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